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About JXDesigns

Hi, I’m John Xionidis, a Graphic Designer and Web Developer, collaborating with my partner, Charalampos Iliadis, a 3D Designer and Product Manager. We’re both based in the picturesque city of Xanthi, Greece, where we bring your visions to life.

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Our Journey

Our journey began in 2008-9 when we gained recognition for designing the number one theme for Windows Vista: Windows 7 Style For Vista, garnering over 5 million views and 2 million downloads. For the next few years, we continued to design themes for Windows Vista and 7, earning features on tech blogs like PC Magazine, Neowin, and many others.

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Android Themes

Transitioning to the Android realm, we made waves with our Icon Packs and Themes for the CyanogenMod custom ROM. We became super popular and notable figures like Marques Brownly (MKBHD) was featuring our themes in his videos. Themes like Flux and Liv Dark became viral hits, with our designs getting copied by Google when they released Android 9. Link to reddit article

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Web Design and Development

Around 2018, we delved into graphic design, web design, and development, discovering our passion and expertise in crafting seamless user experiences. Armed with tools like the Adobe Suite, 3D rendering software, and web development tools, we create stunning results.

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Our Focus

We focus on providing clients with clear, fast, secure, and optimized websites that exceed expectations. We are committed to delivering excellence from web development to graphic design, including logo design, brochures, flyers, and business cards.

Join us at JXDesigns as we continue to push the boundaries of design and web development, bringing your visions to life with innovation and precision.

John Xionidis

Web Designer/Developer - Graphic Designer

Charalampos Iliadis

3D Designer - Product Manager