Mnk Beauty World

Project Overview

Client: Mnk Beauty World
Services: Logo Design, Website Development, Branding
Tools: WordPress, Elementor Page Builder, Figma, Photoshop


Logo Design

We designed the logo featuring a silhouette of the client’s face with long straight hair, combined with an elegant calligraphic font. The monochromatic color scheme, in black and white, further enhances its sophisticated and elegant aesthetic.


Website Development

To build the website, WordPress and Elementor page builder, were used. The color palette was chosen to harmonize with the logo, featuring a soft pink hue and a clean white background. A minimalist modern design was prioritized to enhance user experience and product presentation, while the soft pink accent color was used for all the call-to-action buttons, making them stand out.


Key Features

  • Elegant and sophisticated logo
  • Clean and modern website design
  • Soft pink color palette with white background
  • Easy navigation and user-friendly interface
  • Extensive product catalog showcasing around 250 items
  • Effective use of accent color for call-to-action buttons


Client’s Feedback

Our client loved the unique logo’s elegant appeal and the user-friendly website’s
modern design, emphasizing satisfaction with the cohesive brand image.
This project successfully blends aesthetics with functionality, creating a strong online presence for Mnk – Beauty World.

Tags:    BrandingeCommerceWeb DesignWeb Dev
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